Casting Bridge Forum 2020

The Casting Bridge Forum continues an international mission to build the industry bridges between the Casting Directors, Agents and Actors.

Кино 16+

We would like to invite actors to participate in the international online Forum Casting Bridge 2020 / International Casting Forum 

9 December
11.00-19.00 / Moscow time/ UTC +3 

The program consists of masterclasses, roundtable and panel discussions for professionals in the fields.

11:00 — 11:45 Casting Bridge Talents.
Interview with actor Ronald Pelin, member of the Casting Bridge community (на русском языке)
12:00 — 13.30 Round table with Russian casting directors and agents
Topic: “International Castings During a Pandemic. What changed?" (на русском языке)
Participants: Rita Lenskikh, Liza Shmakova, Irina Grechishkina. 
13:30 — 14:00 Break
14:00 — 15:00 Discussion: The power of the Acting Community (на русском языке)
15:00-16:00 Q&A with casting director Leo Davis // Black Widow (according to the challenge, on English)
16: 00-17:00 Q&A with casting director Suzanne Smith // Emily in Paris (according to the challenge, on English)
17: 00-17:45  Q&A with casting director Ewa Łepecka // The Conspirators or Ziuk. Młody Piłsudski (on English)
18: 00-19:00 Future casting bridge
Meeting with the Casting Bridge team: about new forum projects (на русском языке)

Organisers: Russian Film Week in the United Kingdom
Curator: Yulia Khamitova
Assistant: Alice Klemantovich

The event with casting directors  Leo Davis and  Suzanne Smith is closed, designed for 30 people.

Q&A with casting directors  Leo Davis and  Suzanne Smith is closed, designed for 30 people. Participants are selected according to the challenge: 
- send a monologue on the topic “Time Today is…” to Instagram with #castingbridgechallenge2020
- Tag us: @casting_bridge_by_rfw
- Video is less than 1 min
-  Wait for a direct response. 
- Your profile must be open. 
- Deadline Tuesday 8 December 19.00.  

To participate in other events, please register on TimePad.

Casting Bridge Forum has been held in London since 2018 as part of the RFW business program. The purpose of the forum is to bring together experts from the casting industry to exchange experiences and create a single platform for English-speaking actors from Russia, the UK and the EU.

Welcome to the International Casting Forum — Casting Bridge 2020.




1267 дней назад
9 декабря 2020 11:00–19:00

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